3 Reasons Leesburg is the best place to start your next small business

3 Reasons Leesburg is the best place to start your next small business

1. Leesburg is amazing, seriously!

It has more than location going for it. The people are incredibly friendly, and it’s historic locales will charm you. The Town of Leesburg is incredibly supportive of small businesses starting up. There’s an abundance of Meetup groups in the area, and the Mason Enterprise Center hosts quarterly meetings for the Town of Leesburg. I really can’t say enough about how awesome the town is. As someone who came from the Midwest, it’s nice to get this southern care back in my life.

2. It’s close to a lot of Government HQ and vendor offices

Leesburg is close to Washington DC. It’s the HQ area for almost all government agencies. Because of this government proximity, you notice the vendors all have federal offices in Northern Virginia or the D.C. Metro Area. Example: Citrix is in Bethesda MD, Dell has an office in Herndon, Vmware has an office in Reston, HP has an office in Herndon. You get the point; the area is prime for teaming.

3. Small Business Networking opportunities

Did you know that almost every major Federal System Integrator has small business networking events? Yep, I’ve been to several of them. They are usually great for networking. I recommend asking for follow up discussions. It’s not what you know, but who you know, right? Always remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Keep asking; you just may get your meeting with someone from, CACI, AT&T, GDIT, CSRA, Leisos, or many more!

Closing thoughts: Don’t forget to remember why the HUBZone program was created. It’s overall purpose was to build up a historically underutilized area of the community with jobs. Leverage the benefits of the area and the local community. Get out there and take those meetings! Everyone knows something you don’t know; you’ve got to network!

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