XCYTE Expands Office Space In Leesburg

XCYTE Opened in July and has already created enough demand to begin expanding.  This was always the intended plan but we’ve grown so quickly that the construction has already started!  As of November 1st the Phase II construction has begun and is scheduled to be completed by January which will triple the XCYTE office space.  We are very happy to have the growth and support from our community members.  What’s most exciting about the growth of XCYTE is the collaboration of the members.  We have teaming opportunities and more capabilities than ever before.  We have developers, IT Consultants, lawyers, and more as members.  The atmosphere is amazing!

Once the construction is completed we will have an additional 8,000 square feet and two more conference rooms.  Based on member demand we have added a few multi user suites to accommodate a few of our larger members.  We also have added a dozen open seating spaces, and two more conference rooms.  All of our conference rooms are equipped with highfive video teleconferencing suites and wall mounted high definition TVs.  We believe it’s the most highly equipped and professional office space in Leesburg.


XCYTE was founded because we notice Leesburg has very limited office space options.  Based on current information Leesburg has a 6% office vacancy which shows how little space is available.  Because of this lack of available space we noticed that the spaces that are available are just terrible.  It’s a typical supply and demand issue.  We created XCYTE to bring back professional office space that meets the high standards of office professionals.  Our offices are always clean, full of technology, and look absolutely beautiful.  We have the most technically advanced offices in the area by far.  Our offices feature keyless entry, use your smart phone to open gain access to the facility, completely credit card based billing, and beautiful conference rooms equipped with video teleconferencing for all our members.

Come by and schedule a tour today!  We have tours daily and can very easily accommodate all your small business needs.