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Welcome to Xcyte, a coworking space located in the HUBZone area of Leesburg, Virginia. We exist to provide a collaborative atmosphere for professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators alike. Aspiring to combine work, play, and success, Xcyte fosters a community with great services and infrastructure to help get the job done.

Conference Rooms

Choose time slots to reserve conference room space. Gain access to our easy to use video teleconference solution, audio bridge, coffee, water, etc.  Office or Desk members get 6 hours of conference room time per month.  Additional time is available for an additional fee.

Equipped Kitchen

Our equipped kitchen comes with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker and more.  We keep coffee, water, and some soda stocked at all times.

High Speed Internet

No more squatting at Starbucks for slow internet. We have blazing fast 500 mbps network available to all our members.  We do not throttle your network connectivity so enjoy!

Caffeine and More

Endless waterfalls of coffee to start your morning or keep you fueled through the afternoon. Oh, and tea. Oh, and water too.

Mail Service

Ditch the PO Box or home address and use our mailing address for your biz: Included with every dedicated office membership, only $35 with any other membership.

Events Space

Participate in member lunches, dynamic workshops, member-run meetups, and more.

Day Pass

Shared, open seating with private conversation areas. Power, WiFi, and membership amenities

Office Desk

Trial Plan

Proof is in the pudding- so come on out and try our space. You'll have one full week of the XCYTE community.  

A presentation at the office


For those who don't need a full-time space to hang out, XCYTE offers a part-time pass that includes 10 daily passes

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Come take a tour and see for yourself!


Office Suite

Dedicated office suite of your own for private use with lockable door, and is the largest office option. Space will be dedicated to one company and can accommodate more employees than the dedicated office.

Great for 4-5 employees



Dedicated office of your own for private use with lockable door. Optimal for those who are looking for a single-office or to provide space for 2 employees.

Great for 1-2 employees



Dedicated micro-office of your own for private use which features a locked door for your designated company. Fits one employee, but access is provided to the additional conference rooms if more than one employee is in the office that day.


Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desk space in XCYTE open seating area with private conversation areas, power, and wifi. Desk does not include a locked door and does not meet the HubZone requirements. All dedicated desks have access to the additional conference rooms as well for more privacy, when needed.



* All Office options meet the requirements of the HubZone certification if needed per the SBA - the desk does not meet the requirements