HUBZone application mistakes you need to avoid!

HUBZone application mistakes you need to avoid!

The HUBZone certification process can feel challenging. It’s honestly not that difficult, but regardless we created a template of our HUBZone application.  Now our XCYTE members would have an edge when it comes to getting their certification! Yep, we even kept every SBA correspondence so we can walk you through the process and timeline. And… We kept all the emails and screenshots of the recertification process. You’ve got questions we’ve got answers and examples!

How hard is the application? 

When we originally did our application it felt daunting. There are relatively few people who will talk to you about their application process and there are even less people who will show you their application. I would honestly say, collecting all the information that was requested in the application was probably the hardest thing. Other than that, we did get some “feedback” from the SBA as so an area in our application that needed updates. That costed us another 60 days of evaluation. Learn from our mistakes! We updated the template. You’re welcome to ask us what “feedback” we got.

What exactly did we template?

We took our entire response and added [Company] tags so you can find and replace. It is an entire example of a successful application.  In other words, we templated the entire thing!

Can I just find and replace and use the template?

Probably not, but it will get you 90% there. You need a few documents outlined from the SBA that we don’t have and you do. Such as, your Articles of Incorporation, Employee List, Time sheets, etc. Don’t worry, we will show you what we submitted so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Can I get a copy of your template if I’m not a member?

Are you out of your mind?! We love to contribute and we can show you our response but only members that have made a commitment to our XCYTE community have access to the template. Sorry! Minimum contribution is a dedicated desk for $249 a month with a 12 month commitment.

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